Our Brands

Here at Saltburn Surf Shop, we only supply the best surf brands.

North Sea temperatures can be quite demanding and our top brand, Xcel wetsuits, has proved to withstand these conditions all the way from the depths of winter through to the milder temperatures of summer. Comfortable, durable and most importantly – warm. C-Skins, a British family run business that has been producing quality wetsuits since the late 1960’s also focus on cold water surfing. C-Skins produce affordable and durable wetsuits that stick to a surfers budget.

Other brands include Alder, supplying quality all-round and affordable equipment, Circle 1, Rip Curl, Billabong, Saltrock, Tiki, Quicksilver, Bulldog, Ocean and Earth, Animal, Swarm, Osprey, O’Neill, Cortez, FCS & Future fins and Quiver.

If it’s not in stock, we can get it!