Saltburn Autumn Open 2016 report

After having a year off from doing our annual completion, we decided to get our arse in gear and put one on for 2016. After having a terrible summer for surf we picked a date mid-September, when the autumn swells should be kicking in. This wasn’t the case, after only two days of surf in September, as the endless flat spell continued and with no chance of running the comp any other weekend, it wasn’t looking good. Three days before the comp, magicseaweed was showing 1-2ft Easterly swell, which meant it will probably be flat at Saltburn. Then the Thursday before the comp, a little low appeared in the North Sea, giving us a one day Northerly swell and magicseaweed promising 4-5ft! Perfect, so the comp was called on! Friday night came and the surf was 3ft, with 15mph onshore winds, but well surfable. The Scarborough boys turned up in there campervans and after a Parmo, hit the town till the pubs eventually kicked them out. Saturday rolled around, with a few sore heads, but high spirits as the surf still onshore had cleaned up with lighter winds. It was head high with the odd bigger set. The best surf this coast had seen in 3 week, so the boys were throthing!

Open round 1 was put at 9.30 and we were off. Great surfing went down throughout the day, with the surf just getting better and better, the wind dropped and the sun even made an appearance. The eventual winner of the Open was a local grommet who’s sponsored by a local company Tyhpoon, Sky Shaw who was ripping on his new 4thBoard, landing air reverses in the final, out surfing the other competitors, a well-deserved winner. Sky became Saltburn Open Champion for the first time was super stoked beat fellow local Evan Rogers into 2nd, Tynemouths Sandy Kerr into 3rd and his best mate, local grom Nick Wooding into 4th. The Longboard was won by Evan Rogers, beating Louis Thomas-Hudson from Tynemouth who got 2nd, Ryan Hammond from Scarborough in 3rd and Alex Tacko, also from Tynemouth who took 4th. The Seniors was won by Saltburn Surf Shops very own Gary ‘the Gannett’ Rogers. Only just Beating Phil Yau into 2nd, with Scarborough’s Stu Cross in 3rd. Local girl Emma Tweddle won the ladies, beating fellow local Elisha Doi into 2nd and Radka Sukdova in 3rd. The Juniors was taken by Ben Tucker, beating fellow Tynemouth grom Finn Gamblin into 2nd. The Rookies was won by Lewis Young, with Peter Clark in 2nd, Danny Doi in 3rd and Mike Brown in 4th. And finally Freya Buckley, taking the Groms title, beating her brother Finn Buckley who got 2nd, with Patrick Jeffs in 3rd. A great day was had by all, a huge thank you to the judges and sponsors Saltburn Surf Shop, X-Cel, C-Skins, Circle 1, Alder and Surfs Up cafe who donated £150 prize money. Thanks for all your support and making it a great event, with the local groms already talking about beating their mates next year to obtain bragging rights for 2017.

Full Results
1st Sky Shaw
2nd Evan Rogers
3rd Sandy Kerr
4th Nick Wooding
1st Evan Rogers
2ndLouis Thomas-Hudson
3rd Ryan Hammond
4th Alex Tacko
1st Gary Rogers
2nd Phil Yau
3rd Stu Cross
1st Emma Tweddle
2nd Elisha Doi
3rd Radka Sukdova
1st Ben Tucker
2nd Finn Gamblin
1st Lewis Young
2nd Peter Clark
3rd Danny Doi
4th Mike Brown
1st Freya Buckley
2nd Finn Buckley
3rd Patrick Jeffs