Since 1986

Saltburn Surf Shop has been well established since 1986. We started out business as a mobile surf shop for the first five years, born from an idea through our good friend ‘Vince’ and eventually started by Gary Rogers and Nick Noble. Gary and Nick focused on surf hire, supplying a vibrant and growing surf community to meet the demands of the cold North Sea. This was exactly what the East Coast surfers required and perfectly situated on the Lower Promenade, Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

Initially serving through a two month summer period, it was time to get established and a new shop was built in 1990. From the help of our friends from the surfing community, the shop was finally open in the Spring of 1991. This gave Gary and Nick a permanent base and were able to trade throughout the year. Saltburn Surf Shop has been going from strength to strength for 28 years with its on-going support form the North East surfing community.